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Supreme Thermo-Tack Adhesive Sublimation Paper for Apparel

Thermo-Tack Tackified Coating Chemistry provides a unique print medium engineered solely for apparel sublimation transfer applications as well as a tacky super-uniform coated print surface which activates during the transfer process.

With high fluid capacity, our Supreme Thermo-Tack paper maintains sharp definition even at heaviest ink-loads with absolute color consistency.

TextPrint® Supreme TT provides a 100 gsm base sheet for ease of handling right through the calender machine.

Special sizes are available upon request. The best output is attained with properly profiled integration. Assistance to achieve optimum output is available upon request!

For more information about this product, please contact:

Rob Repasi
Product Manager
TexPrint® Sublimation Paper
(770) 935-5080 ext 211 Email Rob Repasi