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Mug-Size Sheets Exclusively for RICOH and Virtuoso High-Speed Sublimation Printers

TexPrintR is a special-purpose dye-sublimation paper that puts the blazing speed of the RICOH GX and Virtuoso HD series printers to full use. TexPrintR does this while maintaining the premium definition and color fidelity that the TexPrint® family of sublimation papers is renowned for.

TexPrintR delivers excellent dimensional stability at high speeds and heavy ink loads, exceptional resistance to smudging and offsetting, directional out-gassing (dye-gases aimed at the receptor with no back gassing), and very high color transfer efficiency.

VirtuosoTexPrintR is 100% compatible with Sublijet-R sublimation inks. This leading-edge technology works with all RICOH and Virtuoso models and is available in 100 and 500 packs of 3.5" x 9.125" and 4" x 9.5" sheet sizes.

For more information about this product, please contact:

Rob Repasi
Product Manager
TexPrint® Sublimation Paper
(770) 935-5080 ext 211 Email Rob Repasi