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Dye Sublimation

TexPrint® Sublimation Papers are used to image everything from athletic wear, snowboards, lanyards, trade show exhibits, coffee mugs, banners, mouse pads, tiles and many, many more.

Sewn Products

Our Sewn Products Supplies comes with 30+ years of experience for industries such as apparel, upholstered furniture and automotive and boating interiors.

Graphic Fabrics

TexStyles® Graphic Fabrics are a specialized range of woven and knit fabrics, engineered specifically for digital imaging processes.

Protective Transfer Tissue

Protective Transfer Tissue

We are a team of highly motivated individuals working together to develop the most advanced digital printing media solutions in the industry, and we are committed to the continual growth and development of innovative media solutions for our customers.

Beaver Paper has developed application engineered papers for specific industrial process in use all over the world. If you have a specific product requirement, let us help you create the solution. Please contact us and one of our highly skilled engineers will contact you to address your specific need.